I am filled with hope as the summer bursts forth with its promise of warm breezy nights and trips to the local swimming holes. What a hard year it has been for all of us, we have all changed in some way as a result.


I found peace in the solitude…enjoying the predictability of each day and the lack of demands and pressure from the outside world. When I was in college, I fell in love with Brancusi’s work, philosophy, and lifestyle…I always imagined myself as a hermit like he was. Georgia O’Keefe, who spent a good portion of her life quietly in the desert, held my admiration during those formative years as well. So this past year, I was as close to being a hermit as I think I will ever be, and while I loved it…I also learned how much I love humanity. There is a reason my work revolves around my love for others, my fascination with relationships, my yearning for closeness; I have so much love in my heart for our complex human existence.


I also became a mother this past year. My daughter arrived uneventfully (thankfully) and brimming over with energy. She is a beautiful force in my life that balances my passion for painting with my passion for her…I now have two rockets, two moons, two hearts to fill my soul. My new paintings have absorbed this energy and I’m producing work that speaks so strongly to me…each painting feels so powerful. I will be sharing these new pieces on my website towards the end of the summer, but they will be trickling into galleries in the next couple of weeks. Please check on my Instagram account for images of new work as they are delivered to galleries… or feel free to contact me or any of my galleries.
















2022 Upcoming Shows:


Northern Daughters Gallery

Vergennes, VT

Summer 2022


Atelier Newport

Newport, RI

September 2022




All my love and hope as we near the finish line!






June 1, 2021

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