FORCE: A Series of Paintings by Rose Umerlik
from January-May 2013

During the period of time I created this body of work a debilitating injury imposed itself upon me, controlling my life in a way that I had never experienced before. I began to see myself differently: a person pinned beneath forces I could not control—stuck, passive, and helpless.

In the rare periods that I could work in my studio I found myself filled with desperation and a fury of emotion and energy, trying to understand this new reality and trying to take back control of my life. Through these paintings I began to reclaim the power I lost from my injury by creating collisions and power plays of form. In choosing deep and strong colors and employing the repeating motif of the long linear form that cuts through spaces and divides them, I am navigating back to my old self, the empowered self that existed pre-injury.

The physical act of creating these pieces was filled with as much tension as the pieces themselves contain. This tension – and the conflict I poured into the work – ultimately resolves in a sense of balance that invites the viewer into the paintings to play out their own personal conflicts.